Multi-Pass SQL Script Generation and Data Blending

vero data blending sql multi-pass sql generation

Multi-pass SQL script generation

When you have fact tables at variable grains, the only way to effectively blend data across these tables is by writing tedious multi-pass queries. With Vero's Semantic Graph technology that is no longer the case.  What would it mean if Vero wrote 80% of the SQL script for you and then let you hack it in a World Class IDE? 

Smart join resolUtion

Vero's patented Semantic Graph Technology can quickly traverse 100's of join paths and choose the most efficient path for analytical queries.  If you are tired of manually writing the same joins repetitively, looking up forgotten join definitions, and rediscovering join criteria, then Vero is the solution for you.  There are lots of SQL tools that provide very basic keyword hinting, but none actually can write complete queries with simple drag and drop.

easy viz.png

Federated SQL queries

Easily write (or auto generate) SQL queries that join across databases.  Now you can write SQL queries as if all of the required data is collocated. For example, you have operation data in MySQL database and CRM data in an Amazon RedShift database.  You can now combine these two sources in your SQL queries as if all of the data was in RedShift.  This will allow you to avoid tedious ETL processes in many cases.  Vero handles data type resolution and data movement.

Easy interactive charting

Turn your blended data into simple visualization with Vero's easy charting.  Out of the box Vero supports 7 visualization types and allows you to create multiple charts per visualization.


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