Want to Build a BI Platform

want to build a bi platform with Vero

I’ve been in Business Intelligence (BI) for over 10 years and I have always had this itch to build my own BI tool. I think this is a common phenomenon amongst BI professionals.

I’m happy to report that my team and I have been laying the groundwork for the past two years, to do just that. We’ve arrived at a point where we can push the platform in many directions and thought that now would be a great time to get our fellow BI professionals involved.

If you have ever had that itch, here is your chance to be involved in the development of a BI platform at its earliest stage. Start by following our Facebook page to keep up with updates, participate in polls, and jump on product discovery webinars.

Where are we

  1. A slick cross platform desktop app
  2. A learning semantic engine that passively creates metadata as you build reports. You don’t have to build the semantic layer first and you don’t have to be a BI professional to create semantic models
  3. A patented query engine that can create multi-pass queries that rival the performance of traditional BI tools
  4. A data blending execution engine that can combine csv files, MySQL, RedShift, HIVE and numerous other datasources
  5. A data wrangler that can apply light transformation on csv, log, and excel files. Far less overwhelming than the top solutions currently available

We currently have 3 major product areas all at various phases of development.

Vero Designer

Vero Designer is our flagship product that we just released. It provides an intuitive drag and drop interface that users can use to blend data across data sources and massive fact tables. It’s aggregate aware, multi-pass SQL capable, and has a really cool SQL abstraction layer.

Target: Analysts who need faster access to data and cannot wait for IT/BI teams to turn around every request. They are computer savvy but not necessarily programmers.

Vero Wrangler

Currently the Vero Wrangler is a subproduct within the Designer. It allows you to import CSV, Excel, and Log Files and apply basic transformations. Here are a few things you can do with the Wrangler:

  1. Extract text from a larger text
  2. Split a column on a delimiter
  3. Combine columns together
  4. Find and replace text in a column

Target: Analysts who frequently have to integrate 3rd party data files with internal data for their reporting needs

Vero Instant

Our web based solution (cloud or on premise) that enables smaller BI teams to deliver Ad Hoc reporting capabilities to the organization. This product will be in MVP soon. It is built on the same engine but is packaged in a web friendly format. Vero Instant makes it dead simple for totally non-technical users to pull data together. One interface for all ad hoc reporting.

Target: Smaller BI teams who will define every measure and dimension that an end user can use to query their data. The magic of Vero Instant is it’s ability to create dynamic universe as the user is building a report

Where do we go from here

This is where you come in. You have always secretly wanted to Product Manage a BI tool and we saved the best part for you.

Directionally, there are 3 major paths in front of us:

  1. Cloud Semantic Layer. Expand Vero Instant to provide improved Ad Hoc capabilities and integrate with Tableau over ODBC. Tableau users will use VeroQL, a high level semantic language, to pull their data into Tableau
  2. Visualizations. Expand Vero Designer to provide basic visualizations, sharing of these visualizations, and build a viewer client for end user consumption of these visualizations
  3. Business ETL (Data Prep). Expand Vero Wrangler to enhance its transformation capabilities, and improve its ability to handle big data

Over the coming weeks we will work with our extended Product Management team consisting of our Facebook fans, current customers, and investors to prioritize the direction we take. You will see further posts in all 3 areas to deepen your understanding of how we can push the envelope and make a difference.

I hope you will join us on this journey by following our progress on our Facebook Page.