Vero Designer 2.2 Released!

Vero Designer Data Export Merge Option


Export Improvements

Two new exciting export capabilities: Append & Merge data.  Append is pretty straightforward in that we are simply adding data to an existing table.  In the event the table structure changes, it will automatically be dropped and recreated.  Merge on the other hand allows us to incrementally add data to a table.  When you choose Merge as the export mode you can also select Merge Keys.  Vero will update any records with matching Merge Keys or it will insert a new record.

Use Cases

  • Move data from source databases into a central analytics database
  • Incrementally move data instead of doing full table reloads for faster table exports
  • Create a backup of key data
  • Create a central repository of all analytical data making it easy for viz tools like Tableau to do mashups
  • Create complex datasets and materialize it into tables for faster Visualizations

Import Data into MySQL and PostgreSQL

Vero could only previously load data into the Local DB and RedShift, but with this release we can now load data directly into MySQL and Postgres.  Be sure to configure a connection to one of these databases first, then drop a file into the file drop zone.  Once you complete your transformations, click "Import".  At the pop up dialogue we will list RedShift, MySQL, and Postgres as target databases to load data into.

We sincerely hope this release of the Vero Designer will help you become more Data Driven.  Please feel free to send us feedback anytime.  We look forward to hearing from you!