Vero 3 Feature List - It's Yuge!

We have been a bit quiet the last two months for good reason.  Vero 3 will be one of the greatest releases in our company's history.  After surveying our users and prospective customers we decided to build a full fledged SQL IDE with integrated Visualizations rather than just a data prep tool.  This means we now have the world's first SQL IDE that can actually write SQL.  

Data Scientists/Engineers/Analysts experienced with analytics will love how much more productive Vero makes them.  With Vero  you won't have to look up join formulas every time. Instead, you can express metadata in SQL and save complex snippets of SQL for composition in new queries.  Aspiring Data Professions will love how Vero lets them leverage the knowledge and expertise of experienced leaders on their team.  They will love how it helps them learn the data model faster and even improve their proficiency with SQL.

Feature List

  • Improved menu bar with shortcuts for common actions
    • CTRL+O / CMD+O to open saved reports
  • New Launchpad helps you quickly find saved reports and create new reports
  • Super easy to create Dimensions and Measures
    • Right click on any existing Dimension/Measure/Column to create new concepts
    • Dimensions and Measures now feel more like columns in a table
  • Revamped formula editors for Join Formulas, Dimension and Measures Expressions, Advanced Filters, and more
    • Context sensitive code hinting
    • Contextual autocomplete
    • Live formula validation feedback
  • Table Join Improvements
    • You can now test the accuracy of join.  Vero will test the join and tell you what % of data matches
    • In the table navigator, you can now click on a table and instantly see all tables it is joined with
    • Join formulas are easier to enter and improved join guessing
  • Generally improvements in navigation including the relocation of data processing stages
  • New SQL Mode
    • You can now go from Vero generated query to SQL mode.
    • IDE like query editing experience with code hinting and autocomplete
    • Vero SQL mode has a query area and a query cleanup area
    • Drag and drop dimensions and measures to autocomplete formulas
    • Write SQL on a CSV file!
    • Federated SQL queries across databases is now Easy Peasy
  • Export to CSV and Amazon S3
  • Tons of Bug Fixes
  • Visualizations
    • Bar Chart
    • Line Chart
    • Area Charts
    • Scatter Plot
    • Stacked Area Chart
    • Stacked Bar Chart