Tableau and SSH Tunnel

ssh tunnel configuration in Vero

How can you access databases behind a firewall?

Here at Vero we have our company databases hosted on Amazon, but they are not exposed to the internet.  You can only access these databases from the same network.  This means we have to SSH to a secure box and from there connect and run our queries. 

Annoying, right?  Too many steps to pull data.  Even worse, Tableau doesn't come with built in SSH support.  Before we added SSH support to Vero, I would manually connect, query, and download the data as CSV files. Every. Day.

You can setup an SSH tunnel outside of Tableau as shown here. It's a pain in the ass in my opinion.

Fast forward to today, and I have an automated download of just the data I need from our company database into a database on my local machine.  I used Vero's much underappreciated built in SSH tunnelling capability.  In the datasource editor, switch on "Use SSH" as shown above and you are good to go.  Now my signup analytics in Tableau is always fresh and I don't even have to open Vero.  You can read more about scheduling data exports here.