Discontinuing the Vero Designer

We are sorry to report that the Vero Designer has not been able to find market success.  As a result, we are shutting down the application.  Existing customers will be provided with a lock free version to continue their work.  However, we recommend migrating to an alternative solution as soon as possible.

We want to thank all the early customers who eagerly adopted and supported the Vero Designer.  One of the important lesson we learned from this experience is pain of getting data loaded into a useful place like a database.  We worked with many companies whose primary and only interest with the Vero Designer was using it for data loads.  Seeing the same pain point repeated over and over again we decided to pivot and launch Lodr.IO to make loading data into Redshift dead simple.  

This is great news for all the people who found Vero in search of a Redshift solution.  Lodr is built on a serverless backend enabling compelling new price structures.  Its superfast and super easy for anyone to setup a cloud data warehouse.  Our goal with Lodr is to turn into a purpose built data studio for Redshift.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and sincerely thank all of the customers who have supported us on this journey.

Please contact us at support@veroanalytics.com if you have any ongoing migration challenges with the Vero Designer.

Thank you!