7 Signs you should Build your own Reports

Some say data is more art than science. You are constantly molding your medium into expressing some truth that is not readily apparent. Every stroke of the brush or mark of the pen brings clarity. The same is true with data.

Given the above, if you rely exclusively on others to produce the data you need then you are leaving a lot on the table.

These are clues that you need to take control of your data needs:

  1. You are often waiting on IT or BI teams to produce reports for you
  2. You ask for way more data than you need to avoid going back to IT teams
  3. You spend many hours in Excel or Microsoft Access tweaking IT produced reports
  4. Deep down you know the time you spend manually manipulating data is inefficient
  5. You are computer literate and understand some basics about analytics and data
  6. The standard enterprise Dashboards are not cutting it
  7. You consume data from external and internal data sources

Your workflow might look something like this:

Typical workflow experienced by analysts in Marketing, Sales, and Product Management

If this resonates with you, consider changing your workflow with the Vero Designer. We built Vero to help people move faster with analytics. Vero helps you build really complex reports that is not possible in other data preparation solutions or visualization tools.

This is how an artist does data:

How self servicing with the Vero Designer affects your work flow