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Prep Data like a Boss with Vero

Vero is to Data Preparation what Tableau is to Visualization.  Use the familiar paradigm of Measures and Dimensions to prepare and load data.  No coding required, no source to target mappings, and no data type resolutions.  Vero handles it all so you can focus on Data Visualizations

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Sophisticated Data Flows, Done Effortlessly

Create sophisticated datasets one block at a time. Use the familiar paradigms of Dimensions and Measures to prepare and move data. No coding required!


Build Reports Block By Block

Measure -> Dimension -> Measure -> Dimension 

Ever need to aggregate a field and then group by the same field?  With Vero this is now a synch.  Assemble your reports in stages starting with reusable foundational objects.  Intuitively build your reports block by block while applying transformations along the way.  Watch it in Action

Data Prep Made Easy

Using the Semantic Graph, Vero generates data flows, writes SQL, and moves data with an intuitive drag and drop interface.  Create a base Vero project and let your business teams self service their data needs


Introducing the Vero Semantic Graph

As you build reports, Vero passively learns and creates a library of reusable objects.  With each iteration Vero gets smarter by creating new connections in the graph.  Imagine not having to rediscover join formulas and complex business rules every time you need data.  The days of hunting down unwieldy SQL scripts are over.

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Supported Data Sources

More data sources included Sales Force coming soon!