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BI and Data Visualizations tools are good, but every great data engineer needs a great SQL IDE.  Most current SQL clients web or desktop only provide basic keyword hinting.  Vero goes beyond keywords by generating complete queries, automatically resolving complex join trees, and providing Alias Aware code completions


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abhi loves vero
Vero makes wrangling and loading data into MySQL and Postgres dead simple. I can focus on building my Tableau dashboards and let Vero handle the other stuff
— Abhi Vaishnav, Sr. IT Tools Engineer @Netflix
mike shin at apple loves vero
I used to spend hours searching for join definitions and other rules in piles of old SQL scripts. Now I have everything in one place and Vero lets me reuse SQL expressions in new queries
— Mike Shin, Tableau Solutions Architect @Apple
third i loves vero
I can’t believe Vero is the first SQL IDE that can actually write useful SQL! It lets us express metadata using SQL making time to market with analytics that much faster for our clients
— Bhrugu Pange, President & Principal, Third I Inc.
will loves vero
I’ve looked for an SQL IDE like Vero for the last 10 years! Finally, I have an SQL IDE that makes hacking SQL as productive as hacking Java in Eclipse
— Will Cheung, Founder @ContextSmith
alpesh at coca cola loves vero
Vero is essential in helping us leverage our investments in Amazon RedShift. Loading files to running queries, couldn’t ask for a better tool
— Alpesh Desai, Sr Manager Big Data @CocaColaEnterprises
angelo loves
Vero is the Ferrari of SQL clients. Moving from slow, cumbersome tools to something more intuitive and productive has been highly beneficial to my team
— Angelo Sasso, Sr. Director Marketing Analytics and Customer Insights @TheLeadingHotels